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My name is Julia Graves and I am only a child of God trying to find my way in a world that is out to destroy me and the God that I serve. I was raised in a christian home to parents that pastored churches and served God with all their might. Growing up as a preachers kid, I was taught the blessings of the Lord. I was told the stories of deliverance, healing and demon posession. I always wanted to be a servant of the Lord. I always wanted to save souls and build God's kingdom. My parents built the foundation for my calling by living a life of purity not just preaching it. The life they lived, the way I would wake up in the middle of the night and hear Mom and Dad praying in the room next to me. I would lay there in bed and listen to their prayers rising up into heaven and I didn't want to go back to sleep, because I knew that god was next door. Even as a small child I was drawn to warfare through the prayers of my Mom and Dad. I was introduced to God's presence not only in the church services, but in the middle of the night when they were praying for a miracle in the church or our family. It was my parents that birthed in me the heart of a warrior. It was my parents that even now they still hold me up and help me to be more than a conquerer in Christ Jesus.

When I was sixteen years old my Father was not pastoring a church so I started going to a church with my two best friends. Their parents were the pastors. The pastors had been my Jr. church leader as a little girl, at one of my fathers churches. When I got to be twelve or thirteen they were the state youth leaders of the state that I was in. When my mother was pregnant with me, the pastors wife was pregnant with my best friend. From the time I was born they were very important to me. When I started going to their church it was so exciting. The Lord was really moving and I was really growing. Using the foundation that my parents had installed in me, I was now branching out on my own to find my own place in the Lord. The first thing we started doing was prayer. We would pray at the drop of a hat. I began to feel the presence of God that my Father and Mother had felt in the wee hours of the morning, when I was a child. We began to want more our hearts were so hungry for the will of God and the presence of god in our lives. As time went by we started to study on spiritual warfare. Now this was the icing on the cake. God was showing us how to be more than conquerers. I remember staying in the church until three or four in the morning praying for my family and friends. It wasn't just the prayer I were seeing results. God was working mightily not only in me but in the church. The church was growing by leaps and bounds. It wasn't because of us it was because God was turning us into warriors. God was teaching us the foundations of victory in the spiritual realm. I felt so empowered, so enlightened in God. God began to tear down the strongholds in peoples lives and in the city where we were. When we began to walk in victory the Devil began to fight back. The Satanic Church in our community actually came out and annointed our sidewalks with blood in order to hinder what God was doing. I then began to understand what kind of an awesome battle I had gotten myself into. It was all out war from there on out. At this stage of our growth we were truly trying to serve God . When we began to walk into a differnt realm of the spirit the devil began to look for a way to deceive us and the move of God that we were walking into. That is where he slipped in without us even knowing it. It started out slowely with a controlling spirit. People began to step into the place of the Holy Spirit. I'm not saying that it was done intentionally. I believe that people had such a zeal for God, and a desire to change lives that the Devil used this to start destroying lives. Sometimes people let their good intentions and there own desires take the place of the Holy Spirit. The thing is that they really don't notice that they are being used by Satan. That is why people really need to seek God for discernment. So they can tell the difference in what is God's will and what is their  own. It was in this area that the Devil brought in confusion and began to lead us down the wrong path. This is where the spiritual warfare turned into spiritual witchcraft. We were manipulated by prophesy, words of knowledge, and by the teaching that we were receiving. We had already learned the aspects of warfare and knew how to bring satans walls down. I don't think that the people ever realized what was causing the problems because they never knew there was problems. To this day that church is still flowing in the same way and out of ignorance people are being lost. This growth was all during the ages 16-24. During this time our church kept growing and then it would decrease in numbers. All the people that left left angry and hurt. I know for a fact that very few of these people are in church today.

When my first son Joshua was born God began to open my eyes to the manipulation and control that I had submitted myself too. I believe that over those years of service I had been taught how to be a warrior for God, and a warrior of devastation to Gods chosen. My husband and I had given our everything to serve God in that place of worship and I believe that God looked upon the condition of our heart and honored our service.. At the time I didn't realize how I had put my service to that church above the diety of God. Thank God for his mercy and patients. I also want to thank my parents for staying on their knees for all those years praying for my deliverance from the control of a controlling spirit. When we finally felt that we needed to leave the church. We just told the pastors that we felt the need to go elsewhere. I had told God that I did not want to hurt those pastors " my friends" with what I felt the lord had spoken to my heart. I wanted to be able to talk to them in love. When I spoke with them I knew I was going to have to reveal some of the things that God had spoken to my heart . After two months I called and talked to the pastors wife. When I spoke to her I loved her as much as I ever did. I began to tell her the reasons why were going to leave the church and what I felt the lord had revealed to me. We had a great conversation. I loved them so much, they were like family. My sister still attended the church and went to service the next morning. I had called her after I got off the phone with the pastors and told her exactly what was said. In the next service the pastor called the people to worship the lord, as never before because someone who had left the church had called.  He said that the devil had given them the greatest compliment that a pastor could ever receive. What I had said to them on the phone had been twisted That was not what I had said the Devil was using me to get an emotional stir out of those people and boost the already spirit of pride that was at work there. After I found out what My pastor and friend had said, I was devastated. My life has not been the same since. The devil found my weakness and took advantage of it. When you are a warrior for God. A warrior that has seen God move. A warrior that made the spirits tremble. If you ever give him an inch he will take your world and turn it upside down. If you are a threat to the devil. I f you know of God's power, and have seen it manifest in your life and the lives around you. If he ever gets you down He will have all of hell to keep you bound. That is why we must be vigilant and until your last breath keep your eyes on the prize. Keep your heart on Jesus. Never let your guard down because the devil is sitting waiting for you to make a mistake. I am writing this because I let my guard down When I first blamed God for what happened I opened the door for the devil to get in. The Devil came in and destroyed my life.

I believe that I have gone through this for a reason. I have learned how to be a warrior for God. I have learned how to save souls and how to destroy them. I have learned most of the aspects of spiritual warfare. What you should do and what you shouldn't do. I believe that prayer and warfare are the keys to a victorious life and what I know would like to share with you.


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